The OM603/2/1 family is considered to be one of the most reliable engines ever produced, a success which is only comparable with the famous OM617 engine /Ask Wikipedia/. While stock it may have a very modest performance, but we’re here with a twinscroll, external gate high flowing manifold that will enable you to push it to its limits or just convert from N/A to a very easy going turbo daily cruiser. No matter if you’re swapping one in your F150 Ford truck, baby benz or upgrading a W126 – here you will find your best bet for price, performance and reliability. - Most important: this is not some crappy manifold made in China. Everything you see on our page is made by us at our facilities and under constant supervision! - Fits om603 Turbo and N/A versions - T3 twin scroll turbo flange; - 38mm wastegate flange; - Casting weight of under 8kg which probably is the lightest aftermarket twin scroll manifold that you will find; - Smooth transitions and better flowing compared to stock with less backpressure - Manifold is made to clear the chassis, coolant tank and engine bay of all w201, w202, w124, w210, G class etc. - Clearance is tested with big turbines like the Holset hx35, borg 257/366 , Garett gt35 and so on - Manifold does fit Right Hand Drive vehicles with 3 inch downpipe NOTE: Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured unless proof of sufficient bracing and support to the manifold is provided. Failing to install a flexible coupling on your downpipe will also void any warranty claims. Having photos of the forementioned measures before any failure is a good practice, mailing them to us is also welcome - this will ensure we will promptly proceed with handling any issues that may arise.

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