om606 up to 450 HP Turbo Kit (with extarnal wastegate)

You get what you see on the picture: - one of our cast iron om606 exhaust manifolds - 38mm wastegate with standard wastegate equipement - Holset HX35 Turbine - twin-scroll 12cm2 turbine housing with integrated wastegate Keep in mind that the integrated wastegate of the turbine will interfear with most of the stock coolant tanks stock M-B cars are equiped with. That`s why this kit includes an external wastegate. We always advice removing and blocking the integrated wastegate and using an external one if you have high boost aplication.

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Please note that due to the intended use in high performance engines/cars and pushing stock components beyond their phisical limits, no consequential damages to other parts of your vehicle can be sought against The Kangaroos Team.  

Always perform a visual inspection of your new manifold, small inperfections may be present on the inside, inspite of our best efforts to eliminate them and ensure the highest quality. Make sure no particles can come lose during operation.

With the purchase of this item you agree to waive any liability associated with its use.