NOTE: Manifold is on backorder by the end of May 2023 Producing a VNT version of the om606 manifold was inevitable since this engine is clearly the flagman of the Mercedes performance community. The V-band GT2260 turbo we decided to use is found mainly on BMW M57N engines. In it`s stock form it's good for 250-300hp, and in modified form with capabilities of 400+ hp (i.e. Turbosystems). Trials show that even in a smokeless setup you can get usable boost as soon as the stock OM606 turbo, but flow way bigger hp (RPM), gaining you a way wider usable RPM range and reaction time that you'd love in city driving. What we do insist on sharing is most performance versions of that particular turbocharger have 54 or 56mm compressor wheels which is the same as the so popular Holsett HX35. Please let that sink in for a moment when debating on choking the engine with a turbocharger that small. Companies like Turbosystems have Vacuum boost controlled actuators which will work with the stock ECU. Yet again a proper tune will send the stock setup performance through the roof. The manifold itself is very light (5.8kg) compact and simple (no wastegate flange needed). It’s shaped so everything sits above the cylinder deck and should clear most engine bay beams. In most cases the 2260v has to be clocked because it`s stock position in most bmw`s do not work with high mount setups. Clocking the turbocharger and geometry mechanism takes some time and effort but it is possible. We will support a video on that topic later on. Manufacturing is in progress and we start shipping these in January 2023. NOTE: Turbo will work with stock EDC pump but it will perform much better using Baldur`s DSL1 ECU. Order link:

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