16 Jun

Many people debate back and forth what is actually the best type of exhaust manifold for their build. Often the choice for a mild build is either cast manifold or a tubular one. 

Thanks to our friends from Post-Haste Performance and Driftsnlifts we have a back to back data showing both type manifolds (one of them is ours) in action on the same engine with the same turbo.

Quick peak on the picture of the graph shows you how our cast type manifold spools the same turbocharger 600rpm sooner and gives you literally improved power band all the way from the start of the graph until 5800rpm. After that the tubular manifold flows better and boosts the peak HP from 469 to 497. The tubular literally gives 5% more peak hp but when observed deeply you will see there is 1-2psi drop in boost with our cast manifold because of the increased backpressure in high rpm. 

As mentioned on the video: the usage of boost control device making the boost graphs absolutely the same will diminish the difference!

And there you have it: No man who actually uses his powerplant on purpose with a mild 500hp build would actually trade 600rpm earlier spool for a neglectable difference in peak HP. After all we once did tubular manifolds for a living and the lack of  well designed cast manifolds with optimized flow made us develop ours.

Once again big thanks to Drifts`n Lifts and Post Haste Performance for the video and honest review of all the products.Be sure to check their video on the following link:


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