What you see on the picture is an upgraded rear differential cover for 210mm differentials made to fit w124. We came up with this product for many reasons: First and most important is that you can get a 210mm differential with different drive ratios depending on the car you source it out of (w124, w140, w210, w203, w220, r129 and so on). They will all fit your w124 subframe if you somehow manage to get a w124 rear diff cover from a 210mm differential. That made this part extremely rare and people tend to buy whole differentials just to get the cover and put the desired drive ratio. And let`s not forget if you have a track used w124, you might want to swap ratios and be forced to move the cover from one diferential to another. Second : we will make our cover from stronger aluminum and fortify the subframe mounting spots due to people with over 500hp and manual gearboxes managing to rip the left or both subframe mounts off the cover. Third: we made cooling fins that you may see on almost every other 210mm differential rear cover, except the w124 one. In conclusion : you get a rare key drivetrain part, ready to be shipped all arround the globe, with all the upgrades that you might want!

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