As we all know the old Mercs have a lack of braking power, especially when getting some bonus acceleration with some of our power adders! We came up with this kit as the best price to what you get solution that you can bolt on to any w124, w201 or r129. We saw a big demand and a lack of distribution everywhere else so here is a solution. The kit is made to replace the standard front braking setup, it`s easy and quick to mount and fits almost all 17 and all of the 18 inch wheels . Here are some specs: - You get 100% what you see on the pictures! - 100% refurbished Brembo 4 piston Aluminum calipers from w220 s500 (new pistons, rubbers and etc) - 2x ATE 345mm drilled discs with the proper offset (not w220 ones) - a set of ATE brake pads - 2x teflon braided brake hoses - all the necessary adapters, shims, nuts and bolts for making this kit a complete bolt on to your car Mounting this kit requires no more than 2 hours when done by a professional! NOTE: You should keep in mind that you must bend a lot of your heat shield, and probably cut a small part in some areas.

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