This is a complete kit that allows you to install the so popular GS5 or GS6 BMW manual transmissions to almost all Mercedes Inline Engines. We use the most popular Sachs Motor-Sport pressure plate on the market for the gs5-39dz (e39/e46 m57 3.0d). Pressure plate is rated from Sachs for up to 650NM if being used with organic disc, and 950 if used with a ceramic lining on the friction disc. - Kit fits all inline enignes : m102, m103, m104, m111, om601, om602, om603, om605, om606, om612, om647 and etc. - 9kg Cro-Molly flywhell - Sachs Performance Pressure Plate - You can chose from all of the available BMW spline sizes - Availability of either organic or ceramic disc lining - Fitting hardware included - Rust protective zinc coating for the adaptor plate - The flwyheel/clutch kit is to be mounted on top of any Mercedes automatic starter ring gear (flex plate) NOTE: Keep in mind not all adaptor kits are in stock and some of them require 1-2 weeks lead time after payment is made. It turns out BMW have more than 6 bolt patterns for a period of 20 years so we strongly advice everyone after placing their order to email us with their gearbox code and picture of their bellhousing. Please be carefull when chosing flange type! Flange type 1 : Gs5 Petrol and Diesel, GS6-37dz/bz (small bellhousing petrol and diesel 6 speeds). High and low mount starter for the gs6 Flange type 2 : GS6 53dz - High and Low mount starter (big bellhousing 6 speeds) NOTE! If a chosen item comes out as " Out of stock" it`s probably a spline size/gearbox type that does not exist! NOTE! OEM organic discs have the tendency to snap with over 600nm on them. People often use them without issues, yet again we have customers who snap their rivets. We strongly recommend chosing the Sachs Performance Organic lining with high power engines that will need to have good street drivability.

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