This is a complete kit that allows you to install the so popular Diesel GS5 or GS6 BMW manual transmissions to almost all Mercedes Inline Engines. We use the most popular Sachs Motor-Sport pressure plate on the market for the gs5-39dz (e39/e46 3.0d). Pressure plate is rated from Sachs for up to 650NM if being used with organic disc, and 950 if used with a ceramic lining on the friction disc. - Kit fits : m102, m103, m104, m111, om601, om602, om603, om605, om606, - 9kg Cro-Molly flywhell - Sachs Performance Pressure Plate - You can chose from all of the available BMW spline sizes - Availability of either organic or ceramic disc lining - Fitting hardware included - Rust protective zinc coating for the adaptor plate - The kit is to be mounted on top of any Mercedes automatic starter ring gear (flex plate) NOTE: Keep in mind not all adaptor kits are in stock and some of them require 2 weeks lead time after payment is made.

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