MANUAL coversion KIT for Mercedes m119 / M117 Engines

Product details: This kit fits all m119, and alloy block m117 engines!!! You will receive: Billet aluminium adaptor flange 5,2kg milled flywheel for 240mm discs 240mm ceramic/organic disc 240mm brand new pressure plate 2 bearings for the crankshaft The adapter kit is made for short shaft M-B gearboxes which can be found on most of w124/w210/w211/w202/w203/w204/r129/w140 and etc . In other words allmost all of the short shaft gearboxes used on M-B inline engines. The kit supports up to 350bhp and 550NM with the organic disc, and up to 450hp and 650NM with the ceramic one. Flywheel is balanced, and everything is working properly for years on our drift w124 Coupe with m119 TURBO, and YES it`s driven with M-B gearbox from w211 270cdi! The kit does not deletes the stock ignition system of the car. Therefore it can work with the stock ecu of the m119. Keep in mind that small cuts are to be made in the gearbox bellhousing in order to accept the crank sensor and starter motor of the m119!

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