NOTE: This kit fits all w124, w201, r129, r170 , w210, w202, w203, w204, w211, w208, w209 and probably many more which we have not managed to testfit yet! With the advance of power in motorsports seeing a 1000+hp car with 1000+nm can be often seen. Our standard 720NM kit was not enough especially when adding a sequential gearbox in the game with lots of play and hits transfered thru the drivetrain. This is literally the strongest kit we can come up with and do believe it`s key features might impres you: - Stub Axle setup with 30z (33mm) spline size - 122mm inner and outer CV joints with more than 40mm travel featuring 30z (33mm) shaft spline size which is probably the biggest you will see in the motor sports market! - highest grade shaft material with spring capabilities allowing it to withstand multiple twists and deformation giving easier life and longer lifespan of the whole drivetrain What you will get: - 2 hubs with big 33mm splines - 2 stubs with 33mm splines whith nuts to tighten in the hubs - 2 high end half shafts with 4 122mm CV joints necesarry hardware included - 2 adapters with bolts for the differential flange Popular chassis/diff combos: w201 with 185 mm. open differential - 550mm. w201 with 185 mm. ASD differential - 530mm. w201 with 210 mm. open differential - 530mm. w201 with 210 mm. ASD differential - 530mm. w124 with 185mm. differential - 590mm. w124 with 185mm. ASD differential - 575mm. w124 with 210mm. open differential - 575mm. w124 with 210mm. ASD differential - 575mm. NOTE: This kit will have interferance issues with the factory E-brake cable and would require you to rework it`s path if you plan on having it. We will make the necessary stub profile to kit every mentioned knuckle. Yet again on some chassis the big inner 122mm CV joint might have slight interference issues with the subframe which should be an easy 5 min. fix with a die grinder or angle grinder. These will also interfere with most OEM sway bar links and some work must be done there if you are to use them. These are built per order and will have a few weeks lead time.

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