Depending ot their length these are either new or renewed half shafts with 110mm CV flanges for the differential. The splines of the hubs are upgraded to 33mm ( for comparison all of the mentioned come with 25mm splines, and all w140/w220 come with 27mm splines). These half shafts can handle up to 680 NM long term, which is almost twice more than the strongest ones installed on w124 and w201 and etc. Weight is almost the same as every stock half shaft which means 0-10% more weight with almost 100% more strenght! The kit includes hubs which are made to adopt the bigger splines which is one of the biggest problems of people with powerful M-B cars. What you receive is what you see on these pictures: - 2 high end 110mm CV joint half shafts - 2 machined wheel hubs with 5x120 and 5x112 holes and 33mm (30z) splines - 2 new nuts for tightening the wheel bearings - 2 new centering cups for the differential flanges THIS KIT FITS ALL of the above mentioned wheel knuckles with a 45mm inner bearing sizes (onlt T-modells and amg versions come with bigger than 45) Note: 540mm - new half shafts 555mm - new half shafts 580mm - new half shafts 595mm - new half 580 half shafts with 15mm spacers Please check the last picture carefully and pick your axle shaft length correctly! Pick the size closest to the one you measured! Popular chassis/diff combos: w201 with 185 mm. open differential - 555mm. w201 with 185 mm. ASD differential - 540mm. w201 with 210 mm. open differential - 540mm. w201 with 210 mm. ASD differential - 540mm. w124 with 185mm. differential - 595mm. w124 with 185mm. ASD differential - 580mm. w124 with 210mm. open differential - 580mm. w124 with 210mm. ASD differential - 580mm. NOTE : installing new hubs always requre new OEM bearings for your knuckles. That`s why we have them as an option with our shafts. FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR REAR SUBFRAME AND DIFFERENTIAL COMBO! WE MAKE OUR HALF-SHAFTS CUSTOM LENGHT! NOTE: For the moment these do not feature an ABS ring

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