The XJ Jeep Cherokee is an icon in the fourwheelin community for many reasons, but it's diesel engines are not one of them. That's why we have developed an engine swap kit to put the OM605 and om606 STD to work. The kit includes: - Transmission adapter to AX15 - 11.4Kg CrMo billet steel flywheel for good drivebality and option high performance clutch kit that will fit the AX15 input shaft spline. - Engine mounts - these will work with the stock 2.5TD rubber bushings and consoles. - Mounting hardware. NOTE: The kit does not include an exhaust manifold. These can be found on our "Turbo Manifolds" section. Please note that the adapter/clutch/manifold will most likely also work for the AX15 equipped Wrangler (YJ and TJ). Expected torque ratings of the different clutch kits: 450nm - organic kit with standard pressure plate 650nm- ceramic kit with standard pressure plate 720nm - organic kit with Sachs Performance 765 Pressure Plate 960nm - ceramic kit with Sachs Performance 765 Pressure Plate Feel free to contact us with any questions. Product installation manual: NOTE: Keep in mind not all adaptor kits are in stock and some of them require 2 weeks lead time after payment is made. NOTE: For the 605 modification of the internal hood ribs is required, for 606 even externally visible modification may be necessary. That is in order to keep the suspension travel from conflicting with the oil pan even at stock hight.

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