If you are after an elegant solution for your 6 speed swap or the bulletproof BMW ZF gearbox, and you wish for precise and firm gear shifts, almost zero slop then look no further. Our floor mounted shift lever is here, giving you the bolt action rifle feeling, while your interior may remain unchanged. Your improved driving experience will make you want to go through all the downshifts for every deceleration and braking. The base flange is made out of 6041 aluminum, the lever and fasteners are Stainless steel, the dust boot - extremely durable polyurethane. The pivot point is a high precision spherical bearing and the lower joint consists of two ball bearings, in which the connecting rod is pressed. This product will fit all W202 and w211 cars with single selector rod gearbox swaps. Please note that some stock shifting rods may require adaptation to fit the corresponding gearbox/car combo. Most important : you won`t have to make crazy adaptation to your gearbox tunnel for the stock BMW/Mercedes Shifter. This solution does not require having harder engine bushings than the stock ones. The main reason you won't find it from the factory on cars after the '80s is that the tunnel itself will amplify the mechanical noises during gear change. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Esiest way to install our shifter and use it with any 716 6 speed is to get a bmw shifting rod from either e36/e46/e39/e60 or e90. They are complete bolt on to the 716 pivot and our shifter. All you have to do is adjust it`s length. On the last pictures you see one from bmw e60 attatched to a 716.

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