This is a product we`ve been asked to upload a long time ago but we decided to do so after a year of testing on our Drift R230 and actually proving in competition we have a winning product and design! This kit increases the steering angle of the car, giving it proper geometry for drifting. We use highest grade materials and methods in production. Key features: - Steering angle of up to 65 degrees with slim 225mm wide front tires (up to 60 degrees with 265mm) - Zero Ackerman angle giving you parallel tires maintaining high speeds while cornering on big angle - Wide Castor/Camber and track width adjustability - Corrected roll center giving you superior geometry maintaining low car stance - Adjustable lock stops in every direction Having performance in mind we decided to build our kit around the Lexus Gen 2 front knuckle. We have these two cleaned, checked and equipped with new bearings and hubs as an options if they are hard to source local. You receive: - Lower control arms - Upper control arms - Adjustable outer tie rods - Knuckle addon plates correcting Ackerman and SAI angles - a total of 14 high grade spherical bearings (uniballs) - Full fitting hardware - Everything will come with the best mirror type Nickel coating we can get giving you superior rust resistance, easy maintenance/cleaning and first class look which these cars deserve! Every kit will come assembled with characteristics as close as the one on our Drift Car giving you a good starting point and saving you time during installation and figuring out what setting might work well for the car. NOTE: We build the kit per order and can modify it depending on which coilovers and steering rack you`ll be using. We need at least two weeks to build the kit after order is placed. Feel free to PM us regarding your r230 build. We guarantee there is no team in this world who took this chassis development as far as we did.

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Lexus IS-2 knuckles with new bearings and hubs: *