Finding out your manifold is cracked is a major PITA, we do know. That's why we went ahead and used the stock Red Block turbo position and made a substitute that will allow you to fix the issue with zero extra hassle like a new downpipe, new intercooler, oil fittings and more, that would be required if you change the setup. We optimized durability and flow as much as possible and added an external gate option at 38mm while maintaining facotry looks and finish. We never have anticipated how much alive is the turbo brick culture, so we're pleased to help in keeping the legends on the road. Features: - T3 Single scroll flange - two bolt 38mm wastegate outlet - factory turbo position - OEM look - reinforced design with better flow than OEM OEM part numbers: 3514440 1346992 NOTE: We start shipping these by the end of July 2024

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MaxPeeding 38mm External Wastegate: *