These camber plates fit w124 and w201 chassis. They will allow you to adjust your front camber in additional 3 degrees. What makes this item special is that you can chose to buy it for the stock Mercedes shock absorbers, or you can chose to buy it with the ability to fit a BMW e36 coilovers. Probably most people know, but for those who doesn`t here is some info: The only way to get a cheap adjustable in height and spring stiffness front end is by mounting a bmw e36 coilover. The lower mounts to the wheel knuckle are almost the same, and the only thing you will need to mount them and can`t do in your home garage is the upper Mcpherson mount. You now have the ability to get that with camber adjustment. Here comes the most common question people have after realising that: "The w124 and w201 are designed with a separate coil and shock, will the mcpherson tower handle the additional stress when the spring dampening force is applied on it?" And the answer : We`ve thought of that problem years ago when we first installed a thrue coilover on our drift chassis. And we decided to go on and see how it goes. We now have many cars running daily with this kind of setup and no additional reinforcement. So removing the stock spring and installing a thrue coilover is something that a w124/w201 can handle with ease. This is one of the things that proves these cars are overengineered from the factory.

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