We've gone through several variations for the best turbo that the om605 deserves - from OM603 (W140 350d) KKK turbo, the smallest T3 GT28 you can get and several others in-between, but all of them fell short compared to what we got here. The GT2260V turbo is found on OM642's, BMW M57s and others. In its stock form it's good for 250-260hp, and in modified form (i.e. Turbosystems) 350hp and even more. It's a big step up from the 2256 found on om613, 648s and older bmw m57s. Trials show that even in a smokeless setup you can get usable boost as soon as the stock OM605 turbo, but flow way bigger hp (RPM), gaining you a way wider usable RPM range and reaction time that you'd love in city driving. Using the stock EDC pump and ECU will give a good boost handling/performance of the stock wastegate actuator. A propper tune will send the stock setup performance thrue the roof. We can safely say that for 6mm pump elements that is probably the best combo you can get (if you've got a superpump maybe our t3 manifold will make more sense). Yet again mechanical pump users might have to change their actuator from vacum to boost operated. The manifold itself is very light (5.3kg) compact and simple (no wastegate flange needed). It’s shaped so everything sits above the cylinder deck and should clear most engine bay beams. The three bolt turbo flange we’ve picked will accept the BMW version of the 2260, that is easily sourced in used, refurbished, new Chinese or new original form. Clocking the compressor housing of a VNT turbo is possible without issues when approached correctly. In most cases the 2260v has to be clocked because it`s stock position in most bmw`s do not work with high mount setups. Clocking the turbocharger and geometry mechanism takes some time and effort. We will support a video on that topic. NOTE: Turbo will work with stock EDC pump but it will perform much better using Baldur`s DSL1 ECU. Order link: https://controls.is/shop/DSL1?fbclid=IwAR2rKza5b155CMLfkCVB-4buZC1AjYwASqmpFfaMA0KKpsEmYSUqo11U0_M Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured with the lack of a flexible coupling on your downpipe.

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