The OM605 is finding its place as a very suiting choice for lighter chassis like the W201 and W202, but also in W463’s and non Merc swaps with somewhat limited space. It’s a good choice if you’d like to have the simplicity of a mechanical pump with a throttle cable and the top end performance of the 20v head. We have engineered a top mount manifold that allows for mounting a T3 high flowing turbos without the use of restrictive adapters to the stock cast iron piece. The top mount itself can solve a lot of clearance problems when you swap a 605er in a solid axle vehicle. The manifold features a T3 flange for the turbo (most of the 250-700hp rated turbines come with T3 flange) Two bolt pattern for the common known 38mm wastegate by Tial and many Chinese replicas. The manifold is not restrictive for up to 420 bhp!!! Clearance has been tested with all Garett gt28, gt30, gt35, some Holset hx35, Borg Warner 200sx-e series and some of the 300sx-e series. The manifold is made to fit all w124, w201, w140, r129, w202, w210 and the G class without serious clearance issues!!! Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured with the lack of a flexible coupling on your downpipe. Using a turbo support/brace is advised on heavy turbochargers like the Holsett Hx35/Hx40.

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