Putting big engines in small and light bodies has been the key to going fast for a long time. The OM606 swap scene is no exception and often one gets to choose between having an intake and having brakes. This is when we come in with a solution that does not require getting a bank loan or a second mortgage. The cast aluminum shorty intake we designed is as compact as possible, features a 76mm turbo plumbing port and can take more boost than your crank can. MAP sensor/boost gauge outlets can be added at almost any convenient spot. The default finish is wrinkle gray powdercoat. Weight is 3.2 kg. Note : all manifolds are being made with bigger mounting holes to adopt m8 bolts if anyone has already upgraded their bad m7 threads. All manifolds will have a all the necesarry studs, bolts and nuts required to fit them. Manifold has no clearance issues with hood on any chassis type. It`s fitted easily with ALDA at the side of the pump and all EDC pumps. There may be some fitment issues with top mount ALDA on some pump models.

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