It was inevitable to make a t4 version of our om606 manifold as it`s no secret the products for this engine are our bestsellеrs! Compared to our t3 version this manifold features: - bigger cross flow area - T4 (82.5x70 bolt pattern) - low enough T flange positioning for extremely big turbochargers Valuable info for the t3 owners : this one puts the turbo 20mm lower and 10mm away from the engine compared to the t3 version Key specs: - Fits om606 turbo and N/A versions; - Casting weight of up to 9,5kg which probably is the lightest aftermarket twin scroll manifold that you will find - Smooth transitions from oval to circle shape runners; - Smooth turbine flange gas entry (not like most of the manifolds or adapters for the stock manifold that will give you a 90+ degrees bend before the t flange) - Clearance is tested with big turbines like the Holsett hx40, Borg 368 , Garett gt42 - 3 bolt wastegate flange corresponding to a 48mm wastegate surface area. All manifolds will come with a gasket, block flange if an internal wastegate turbo is used and a flange with a hole ready for 50x2 tube/bend to be welded on. Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured with the lack of a flexible coupling on your downpipe. Using a turbo support/brace is advised on heavy turbochargers like the Holsett Hx35/Hx40.

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Cyl Head Flange Gasket?: *
44mm Tial Wastegate *REPLICA*?: *