Some 8v tdi's like the early rotors were equipped with a super feeble intake, some were a bit better off. We've seen numerous aftermarket attempts, like butchered 5 cylinder intakes or even welded stainless steel. So the need is there - it just needs a proper solution. A solution like ours: -Cast aluminum; -Big and long-ish runners; -Appropriate plenum volume. -The right angle of attack towards the head port. -63mm throat, so you can run the plumbing you like and not have a bottle neck at the EGR. -Eliminates the need of a race pipe or any other solution. -Lighter than any stainless solution. -Super compact. -Looks tits just like our om606 and om605 intakes. -Powdercoated This shape will clear all transverse and longitudinal stock setups, but we feel it will be most at home with swapped vehicles . Feel free to contact us for any additional info. NOTE: We start shipping these by the end of MAY 2024!

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