NOTE: We start shipping these in March 2023! Presale price ends with the first 20 purchases or when the products are ready. It seems you can find a pattern with our products. Pick a legendary, durable and proven engine and engineer plug and play improvements for it, that save you time and headaches. The 8v TDI engine by VAG is no exception. It's form factor is as compact and light as possible, while packing a punch strong enough to be put in big american rigs and trucks. Pros: -fuel efficiency -driveability (low end torque) -compactness -aftermarket support and available swap adaptors/mounts -tuneability -serviceability and easy access to all anciliaries -relyability -easily kept cool -all of the above, proven in now close to 30 years of harsh use What can we do to make all this better? We can ofcourse slap a big VNT turbo out of BMW's m57, that makes stock 231hp and much more in uprated versions (turbo systems for example) Our V-band GTB2260 manifold makes it all extremely straight forward and hassle free. It can be used in most FWD transversly mounted setups and some longitudinally mounted ones.

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