The most sold engine for W201 and W124 /at least in Europe/, built to last more than the chassis and body. If you don't count the CIS it's a really good piece of equipment. Can take a bar of boost too! With our cast iron manifold you can increase its performance significantly without any structural changes to your car or doing illegal engine swaps.The manifold features a T25 flange for the turbo (most of the 200-400hp rated turbines like the Garret GT25 and GT28 come with T25 flange).Perfect for up to 20-25psi which puts out easy 300+ hp out of every m102.The manifold is tested and not restrictive for up to 380 bhp!!!The manifold is made to fit all w124, w201, w123, the G class and all the chassis that m102 has been to!!! Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured with the lack of a flexible coupling on your downpipe.

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