m104 Cast iron turbo manifold - Mercedes

If you think that the stock M104's performance won't impress anyone ... well, you're not the only one. You can easily fix that with our cast iron turbo manifold and get north of 400 horses/that's okay even by modern standards/ and easily keep up with any traffic. Built for reliable daily use even if that would be illegal! The manifold features a T3 flange for the turbo (most of the 300-700hp rated turbines come with T3 flange). Two bolt pattern for the common known 38mm wastegate by Tial and many chinese replicas. Perfect for up to 20-25psi which puts out easy 500 hp out of every m104 engine. The manifold is tested and not restrictive for up to 580 bhp!!! Clearance has been tested with all Garett gt28, gt30, some gt35, Holset hx30, some hx35, Borg Warner 200sx series. All of them with or without external wastegate! The manifold is made to fit all w124, w201, w140, r129, w202, w210 and the G class either LEFT or RIGHT hand drive!!! N.B! - you can now easily shovel down a M104 into your W201 with our six cylinder swap engine supports

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