- Most important: this is not some crappy manifold made in China. Everything you see on our page is made by us at our facilities and under constant supervision! - Manifold fits all chassis equiped with m50/m52/m54/s50/s52. On the pictures you see it test fitted in a e36 with an m52b28. That combo has the tightest front end for a top mount turbo compared to an e30 or e46. Test fitting has been made with Holset Hx35, which is a turbine corresponding in size to a Borg 300SX-E series, and Garrett Gt40 modells. - T3 twin scroll turbo flange (we do have t3 to t4 adapters in our shop) - 3 bolt wastegate flange corresponding to a 45mm wastegate surface area. All manifolds will come with a gasket, block flange if an internal wastegate turbo is used and a flange with a hole ready for 50x2 tube/bend to be welded on. - Casting weight with up to 10kg which probably is the lightest aftermarket twin scroll manifold that you will find if you manage to find a twin scroll one! - Smooth transitions and better flowing compared to all our rivals!!! - Clearance is tested with big turbines like the Holset hx35, borg 257/366 , Garett gt35 and so on - Manifold is designed to clear a 76mm downpipe on LHD cars. Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured with the lack of a flexible coupling on your downpipe. Using a turbo support/brace is advised on heavy turbochargers like the Holsett Hx35/Hx40.

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Cyl Head Flange Gasket?: *
44mm Tial Wastegate *REPLICA*?: *

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Please note that due to the intended use in high performance engines/cars and pushing stock components beyond their phisical limits, no consequential damages to other parts of your vehicle can be sought against The Kangaroos Team.  

Always perform a visual inspection of your new manifold, small inperfections may be present on the inside, inspite of our best efforts to eliminate them and ensure the highest quality. Make sure no particles can come lose during operation.

With the purchase of this item you agree to waive any liability associated with its use.