We should`ve done this one probaly 5-10 years ago .... That particular product is a must have for every powerful w201 because as most of us know the w201 never had a 210mm. diff from the factory. What you see here is a rear diff cover which allows you to mount a 210mm. differential from either w124 with m104 or m119 engies, most r129, most w140 and some w210 models. As seen on one of the pictures we made if fit the stock subframe without any cutting and welding to it. We also put the differential low enough to clear the chassis with approximately 20mm. which allows hardcore drivers who stick their subframe right to the chassis to avoid contact as well. In order to maintain proper driveshaft alignment you will need to remove the stock 15mm. spacer from the factory for the front mounting point and use our 25mm. one(you get that from us with a longer bolt for it). As can be seen we added some cooling fins to it for better looks and lower oil temps for the hardcore abusers. Using these differentials require using shorter than stock half shafts which can be found on the following link chosing the 535mm long ones: https://www.thekangaroosteam.com/shop-1/performance-cv-joint-half-shaft-kit-without-knuckles-up-to-750nm-w124-w201-w202-w203-c209-r170

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