With the advance of power in motorsports seeing a 500hp 700nm car on the track is considered normal. The stock OEM diesel hardware often breaks with the worst timing during race and developing an affordable bolt on option for the two most popular drift chassis was a must! We make these kits fit all chassis except for the e30. Our only solution for the e30 is our 1000+nm half shaft kit for it. Here are some key features we believe might impress you: - Stub Axle setup with 30z (33mm) spline size - 112mm inner and 108 outer CV joints with more than 30mm travel featuring 28z shaft spline size - highest grade shaft material with spring capabilities allowing it to withstand multiple twists and deformation giving easier life and longer lifespan of the whole drivetrain What you will get: - 2 stubs with 33mm splines whith nuts to tighten in the hubs (these fit only BMW 30z hubs splines - the so called big ones which can be found on most e46, e90/2 and etc...) - 2 high end half shafts with 4 high grade GKN / SKF CV joints - 2 adapters with bolts for the differential flange ***The differential flanges are made per order and will fit any diff cups, just be shure to send us a picture and some details of yours *** NOTE: We do not recommend using this kit with sequential gearboxes! The excessive play they add to the drivetrain will shorten the kit life by a lot and we strongly recommend using our 1000+nm stub axle kit with a sequential gearbox or more power than advertised! NOTE: Please all buyers to email us with the size of your shafts and photo/dimensions of your differential flanges. A picture has been attached introducing you to the right way of how the size of a shaft should be taken. Some knuckles may need a small areas of them grinded as shown on the last picture. That`s because of the difference in castings during the years. Process literally takes 5 minutes with die grinder. These are often build per order and will have 1-2 weeks lead time.

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