Product Info: All gearboxes are "new gen" types. They will come thoroughly washed on a wooden pallet WITHOUT oil in them because of shipping requirements. What's the right gearbox for me guide: In therms of toughnes the Mercedes 716 6 speed transmissions for Inline engines are as follows: NSG 270 and NSG 370/400 (higher number means higher torque capability). The NSG 270 based on our expirience is good for builds of up to 300hp. Indeed there are people using them with much more power but we do not recommend it. The NSG 370/400 is a very tough and we have it on cars with more than 600hp running for a few seasons without issues. They both come with various part numbers and the best way to recognise them is the otput flange bolt pattern diameter. NSG 270 comes with 90mm. and 100mm. output flanges, the NSG 370 comes only with a 110mm. output flange bolt pattern diameter A difference that might be felt but not seen is 4kg in their weight. In terms of generations of the shifting mechanism there are two types. We will call them "new gen" and "old gen". Old gen gearboxes feature shifting mechanism consisting of a rod for front/rear and wire for left/right movement of the shifter. New gen gearboxes have only one rod for all the shifting directions. It also has it`s reverse locking mechanism incorporated in the gearbox rather than it`s shifter as it`s done with the old gen ones. This makes the usage of our short shifter much better and simpler task that will not eliminate the reverse lock! The new gen gearboxes have BETTER synchronisers and with fewer parts that add play between the shifter and the gearbox they turn out to be a much better and faster shifting compared to the old gen ones. NOTE! All gearboxes are from scrapyards and not being rebuilt. Buying a gearbox does not guarantee you gat a new rebuilt item that will outlive your build.

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